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Custom Plaques & signs

Custom Plaques & signs

Fogarty Castings designs and produces bespoke metal plaques and signs. We have produced plaques for a diverse portfolio of clients.

We have a standard range of products that we supply, and we also design and manufacture custom designed plaques according to the needs of individual clients.

If you would like us to provide a quote for a plaque or sign please contact us explaining your requirements.


Lead Alloy Castings - X-Ray Markers

Lead Alloy Castings

We supply high-quality lead alloy letters to patternmakers, foundries and radiographers. Letters are available in a range of sizes and fonts.

Our lead letters are exported worldwide and used extensively by reputable companies in non-destructive testing.


Image Quality Indicators (IQIs)

Image Quality Indicators

Fogarty Castings produces IQIs (or penetrameters) for use in non-destructive testing within industrial radiography.

IQIs are manufactured to European standards and a Certificate of Conformity can be supplied.